We Are F…ed

Feb. 23, 2018 written on now my past blog that I have deleted

Here is the reason why I say We are F…ed! It all has to do with history and the falacy we choose to live in instead of fix. Just like the saying History has a way of repeating itself, well yes it does. That is what makes us water in a glass on the brink of tipping over. The more like minded people keep on fighting, instead of listening to other like minded people, we are stuck on F…! Take for example, me, I write this blog to release, but at the same time I use this as my tool, to work on my writing, why you may ask yourself, to work on my journalism skills. Of course my blogs do not actually follow the journalist list, but it come on the lines of it. Well, besides that lets say I have a way to word things, the way I wouldn’t be able to do on a newspaper, broadcast, radio, etc… Unlike these areas, I can do what I want on a blog. I am not sensored. Let’s just get back to the subject of my blog. Well here is how I know we are F…ed! We have a “President” that is a media whore! He is litterally running the country as if it’s the F…ing Apprentice. I am neither a Liberal, nor a Conservative; which in terms mean I do not represent the Elephant nor the Donkey. I represent the group of people that actually can see through all the bull politicians throw at us and think we won’t be able to read between the bulls… lines. Of course they all say we have heard your concerns and we will work to make it better, that is not what I want to hear. A true person of substance and valor, would actually be straight forward with everyone, and not start a racial war with every race in this country, hell the whole world. They would not praise the NRA. They wouldn’t even lower themselves to a speck, because they think insulting others just adding fire to an already lit furnace! A true person knows not to tweet first a condolence to families that lost children in a school shooting, but rather make it their first priority to go visit each of those families individually and offer some type of assistance, not have a F…ing photo op! A real President does not attack those who does not agree with them. Rather try to come to terms that not everyone in Congress is on their side, and its up to them as Commander and Chief to fix what is broken, slowly and intelligently. Not running the country like it is a reality show, and the fact that this Administration has so much s… happening within it, there is no better way to express myself, rather than; We are F…ed!

Bye Sweet Innocence

Feb. 24, 2018 on my past blog site that I have deleted

Today is a frantic day for me, why, the lights are flickering. Someone I love with my whole soul is failing. I’m frustrated and trying so hard not to put it on them, it’s not their fault they are leaving the family. Life itself should be blamed. Not saying she didn’t live her life, but in a way she didn’t. Yes, she was married, but ended up raising four children on her own, working her butt off to keep them in school, with just some assistance from her brother-in-law. Now, in turn her eldest is taking care of her in so many ways. But, now she is fading away and that really sucks she is the last, if she goes I have no more. I will be a person with no fallback shoulders to cry on. She has always been my rock, my vault, my everything. Just like for me and all of the other kids in the family. If she is gone what do we have, just each other, our parents, but without the head of the family we are literally a lost cause in my eyes. She is a different person for all of us. She is the perfect person to bounce my ideas off of, because she will tell me if they are bad or not. She is my mighty Taurus! We need her here with us! Please do not leave us!

P.S. R.I.P. Grandma Alice Princivil


While I sit here in my room, I going through my personal woes, I start pondering on what life brings. To a good amount of people it is a sentence. To others its a question that can be truly answered thoroughly. To someone like me its both a question I may or may not be able to figure out, but as well as a sentence. Think about it; it depends on how people take life. Whether your in a good or bad situation, life has a way of making it better, or making it worst. Like for example, all of these mass shootings. What has to happen for life to push you so far as to kill many people for no particular reason. Many people wants to know why do they kill, why should it matter now they already let life push them to do what they knew was the worst thing they could possibly do. “If life gives you lemons make lemonade.” I really hate that motto, for one lemons are sour and just sour! What does it mean to make lemonade. In most black communities, that doesn’t work for them. Think about it, in reality life is against us. We are the ones that get the s… end of the stick. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from trying to show life that they cannot break us. Look at how life is going now in this country, its a s…storm! We are separated to the point we are physically attacking one another instead of sitting down in a neutral environment and talking out all our differences. We are yelling at each other and not listening that we are defeating the purpose of unison. If we all stop our yammering and talked everything out, even if we agree and/or disagree we would have a better understanding of each other. Look at our Government Officials! Their bull went and spewed out to us, and we are letting them as well as the news media put us in this thing I call a never ending event. History has repeated itself in many ways and in different ways. We need life to stop killing, abusing, confusing, separating, breaking, mangling, and killing liberty.

This was written on my deleted Other blog last year on Feb. 25, 2018


Cheating on someone is bad whether they are a horrible person or a good person.

The problem with cheating is that so many people do it and try to convince themselves that they are fine after deceiving someone. But are they really; seriously, lets take things seriously people!

What is love, its not a word that can be explained, or even expressed wholeheartedly, because according to Tina Turner Love is “but a second hand emotion.”

So in turn do you believe you loved the person, to not cheat on them as well as did you love the person enough to not push them to cheat. Those are literally the two sides of the coin.

For example, you have done all you can to make your partner happy and content. And, yes, at times you get into arguments, but you choose to bury the hatchet because you hate being mad at each other. Yet, even though you did all you can, to be happy, they still cheated on you. That is a betrayal!

With that betrayal its always the same excuses:

1. It didn’t mean anything.

2. Blame it on the Alchohol.

3. Nothing happened, I promise.

4. “Honesty”; All that happened was oral.

5. It won’t ever happen again, scouts honor.

Example #2, Your partner has done everything besides throw the kitchen sink at you to push you away; they belittle you and make comments that aren’t so nice about your family, and expect you to be loyal; when they themselves are breaking relationship rules. What do you expect someone to do?

Of course I do not condone cheating when someone is horrible to you. Rather than cheat walk away and then find someone who will love you, not belittle you, and many more; after a good reviewing of yourself. Just so you can be ready to be in a relationship and be ready to have love and respect come towards you.

The worst thing is to be in a relationship with someone who does not respect you, because all they are going to do is lower your self-esteem and take full control of you.


Emily Ratay…

Also, if the person was never meant to be yours leave them and their pettiness alone and don’t cheat

So please do not cheat all you doing is causing a storm that doesn’t need to be started.