There are people who do not deserve any mercy according to popular votes within society. In a way, they are neither right nor wrong on the subject of Undeserving. We are human and we are free to feel and believe what it is we want to believe.

That is where the dilemma resides, we as people have our own opinions, but we do not always agree with one another, and so a misunderstanding barrages between us as a society. For example, we as a society are separated by our own belief when it comes to religion as well as politics, which in itself is a controversial issue.

Many people who are religious, has always had an opinion about those who do not believe in a higher being and of the other religions and a judgment that either was good or bad, but are any of those beliefs undeserving to be followed or understood because of people preference and bias, no. Then we have politics, everyone belongs to a different party and there are those who opt-out of being an affiliate with any one of them. Yes, everyone has their own political view of what is right and wrong with the government, by the way, it’s functioning and the laws and policies passed down. The way the government is going now, this is the time of high alerts and blaming and shaming. But is anyone who has an opinion about politics and government undeserving, no.

That is why society itself is scary because a lot of people have lost their lives, because of society placing some invisible rule of who deserves mercy and who doesn’t. That is why there is still a stigma between the races in our society. Especially, between the African American community and the Caucasian community. There are too much stigma’s that need to be put out there and resolved because too many people are either losing their lives over them or losing themselves over them.

We as humanity, need to always keep this in mind, that we all bleed red, and that we cannot change who we are. We might be of different shades and different nationalities, but we bleed red. We should not turn our backs on our fellow human beings, because of our bias, rather fight against the grain.

This is a motto we should live by, even if it is difficult, especially with Trump and the climate we are in now.

Shitty World

Life is a risk. Living is a task. Breathing is a choice. Being real is challenging.

The world is shit, face it we live in a shitty world. We live in this world because people are shitty. Not in they are all crap, but a lot of people are pretentious, prideful, egotistic, manipulative, narcissistic, etc… The more people who want it to be better and try to fix it, a lot of idiots go and mess it up. What are we to do as a society that is separated by racism, sexism, and classicism?

If it was possible to give the world a makeover I would do it in a heartbeat. But, I am not Genie and this is not Aladdin. There is no music in the background and a chance for me to belt out A Whole New World. That is the reality.

The reality is that we as people are not perfect, and we do or do not change our ways. It’s not because we want to, but it’s to either go against the suffocation of society around us or to fit into that suffocating society. Those who are different are neither here or there.

Here is what I mean, those who are different do not want to either fit in or not fit in. They themselves just do not fit in, and in turn, they could either embrace it and find empowerment in it, or they deny it and break away from their norm and try to reinvent themselves.

People like that, are the ones that were considered the outcasts in school. But, what is wrong with being an outcast, nothing. Being an outcast should be embraced because what it ensues is a people who have their own perfection, that is not appreciated, but soon will be needed to help society move.

For example, Gamers were considered outcasts, but now they are revered, well not so much revered, but admired. They have given a lot of kids who love gaming hope that they can become successful. Another example would be AV nerds, they were considered the lowest of the low when it came to school hierarchy. Not saying they are popular now, but those same AV guys and girls are also the ones who become directors and direct movies, T.V. shows, and Music Videos.

So do we live in a shitty world, yes, but not because we need to, but because people let it be that way. That is why there are those who fight against the grain, to better society, but only so much can go far. Then again, we have to be optimistic, right?

We lived in so much crap for so long, that rather it gets better, there are those behind the scenes that prefer it to stay that way since there is profit in the world being Topsy Turvy.

Take for example the music industry, in the past music used to be wholesome, then it became music more rhythmic, from rhythmic it became loud, from loud it became hopping, from hopping now it is a trap. As music has progressed, public opinion has been different, but one thing we have agreed on in society is that music is music.

But why can’t we as people, see that people are just people. That humans are just humans. That wrong is wrong and right is right. What is wrong is how the world is going. What is right is trying to better it, progressively, without war, poverty, economic imbalance, greed, selfish pride, violence, power-hungry moguls, corrupted law system, corrupted law enforcement, corrupted government, racism, sexism, and classicism.

If that was possible, we would live in a Utopian world, but human beings either are or are not trustworthy. That is where optimism, sometimes die at. Yet, there are those who do not give up, even if what they think and believe, seems impossible to believe, those people you call Dreamers.

Those like Sanders, Warren, and AOC, are considered Dreamers, why because what they stand for and believe, seems out of the Norm for the U.S. But, then again seems as though the route many are starting to see as a reality, not because we are optimistic like these Dreamers, but we have reached a point of no return and are desperate, for a change and some good to finally happen.

Yes, we live in a shitty world. Yes, there is a lot to be done. Yes, there is a divide between what is right and wrong. But, we as a society, should know who to trust and who to ignore, and that is where we fail. Not everyone around you is truthful and here to help you. That is why people come into this world alone and die alone. We have to check our selves first before we can assume we understand or know others.

We Are F…ed

Feb. 23, 2018, written on now the past blog that I have deleted

Here is the reason why I say We are F…ed! It all has to do with history and the fallacy we choose to live in instead of fix. Just like the saying History has a way of repeating itself, well yes it does. That is what makes our water in a glass on the brink of tipping over. The more like-minded people keep on fighting, instead of listening to other like-minded people, we are stuck on F…!

Take, for example, me, I write this blog to release, but at the same time, I use this as my tool, to work on my writing, why you may ask yourself, to work on my journalism skills. Of course, my blogs do not actually follow the journalistic rules, but it comes on the lines of it. Well, besides that let’s say I have a way to word things, the way I wouldn’t be able to do on a newspaper, broadcast, radio, etc… Unlike these areas, I can do what I want on a blog. I am not censored.

Let’s just get back to the subject of my blog. Well here is how I know we are F…ed! We have a “President” that is a media whore! He is literally running the country as if it’s the F…ing Apprentice. I am neither a Liberal nor a Conservative; which in terms means I do not represent the Elephant nor the Donkey. I represent the group of people that actually can see through all the bull politicians throw at us and think we won’t be able to read between the bulls… lines.

Of course, they all say we have heard your concerns and we will work to make it better, that is not what I want to hear. A true person of substance and valor would actually be straight forward with everyone, and not start a racial war with every race in this country, hell the whole world. They would not praise the NRA. They wouldn’t even lower themselves to a speck, because they think insulting others just adding fire to an already lit furnace!

A true person knows not to tweet condolence to families that lost children in a school shooting, but rather make it their first priority to go visit each of those families individually and offer some type of assistance, not have an F…ing photo op! A real President does not attack those who do not agree with them. Rather try to come to terms that not everyone in Congress is on their side, and it’s up to them as Commander and Chief to fix what is broken, slowly and intelligently. Not running the country like it is a reality show, and the fact that this Administration has so much s… happening within it, there is no better way to express me, rather than; We are F…ed!


While I sit here in my room, I going through my personal woes, I start pondering on what life brings. To a good amount of people, it is a sentence. To others its a question that can be truly answered thoroughly. To someone like me its both a question I may or may not be able to figure out, but as well as a sentence.

Think about it; it depends on how people take life. Whether you’re in a good or bad situation, life has a way of making it better or making it worse. Like for example, all of these mass shootings. What has to happen for life to push you so far as to kill many people for no particular reason. Many people want to know why do they kill, why should it matter now they already let life push them to do what they knew was the worst thing they could possibly do.

“If life gives you lemons make lemonade.” I really hate that motto, for one lemon is sour and just sour! What does it mean to make lemonade? In most black communities, that doesn’t work for them. Think about it, in real life is against us. We are the ones that get the s… end of the stick. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from trying to show life that they cannot break us.

Look at how life is going now in this country, its a s…storm! We are separated to the point we are physically attacking one another instead of sitting down in a neutral environment and talking out all our differences. We are yelling at each other and not listening that we are defeating the purpose of unison. If we all stop our yammering and talked everything out, even if we agree and/or disagree we would have a better understanding of each other.

Look at our Government Officials! Their bull went and spewed out to us, and we are letting them as well as the news media put us in this thing I call a never-ending event. History has repeated itself in many ways and in different ways. We need life to stop killing, abusing, confusing, separating, breaking, mangling, and killing liberty.

This was written on my deleted Other blog last year on Feb. 25, 2018

Pure Savage

What is Pure Savage? Well, Pure Savage is someone who uses their savage nature to put those who are wrong in their place. A person who is so good at what they do, they can only be categorized as Pure Savage. A person who is so good at being shady, that they are titled Pure Savage. A person who dominates and takes control of all that comes their way. There are few and then there are many who wishes to be a Pure Savage, but they do not have the delicate touch of such talents. You have those who are Pure Savages in sports, comedy, acting, music, everyday life, etc…

For Example, Lebron James is a Pure Savage when it comes to dominating his opponents.

Adele coming into the industry and winning Grammy’s for almost all of her albums.

Who is better than a Pure Savage person; no one! If you dominate and in charge of what you do and are great at it, why not be considered a Pure Savage.