Cheating on someone is bad whether they are a horrible person or a good person.

The problem with cheating is that so many people do it and try to convince themselves that they are fine after deceiving someone. But are they really; seriously, let’s take things seriously people!

What is love, it’s not a word that can be explained, or even expressed wholeheartedly, because according to Tina Turner Love is “but a second-hand emotion.”

So, in turn, do you believe you loved the person, to not cheat on them as well as did you love the person enough to not push them to cheat. Those are literally the two sides of the coin.

For example, you have done all you can to make your partner happy and content. And, yes, at times you get into arguments, but you choose to bury the hatchet because you hate being mad at each other. Yet, even though you did all you can, to be happy, they still cheated on you. That is a betrayal!

With that betrayal its always the same excuses:

1. It didn’t mean anything.

2. Blame it on the Alchohol.

3. Nothing happened, I promise.

4. “Honesty”; All that happened was oral.

5. It won’t ever happen again, scouts honor.

Example #2, your partner has done everything besides throwing the kitchen sink at you to push you away; they belittle you and make comments that aren’t so nice about your family, and expect you to be loyal; when they themselves are breaking relationship rules. What do you expect someone to do?

Of course, I do not condone cheating when someone is horrible to you. Rather than cheat walk away and then find someone who will love you, not belittle you, and many more; after a good reviewing of yourself. Just so you can be ready to be in a relationship and be ready to have love and respect come towards you.

The worst thing is to be in a relationship with someone who does not respect you because all they are going to do is lower your self-esteem and take full control of you.


Emily Ratay…

Also, if the person was never meant to be yours leave them and their pettiness alone and don’t cheat

So please do not cheat all you doing is causing a storm that doesn’t need to be started.

Fox News Really…

Wow, I never thought people who went to school for a good portion of their lives could be so ignorant. Like seriously, how do guns not relate to mass shootings. Get with the program Fox News your brainwashing techniques is wearing off, more people are waking. Why even try?

There is no reason we as a people should even be hurting one another as well as helping a Crazed Power Hungry Psycho like Trump divide the country. When Obama was President U.S.A. wasn’t at this maximum of toxicity. I am even afraid, for my own little brother, because schools have been the target of crazy mass shooters. I am even afraid for my mother who works in a hospital, I don’t know when a patient will lose it and decide to shoot up the hospital. I am also afraid for my father who works overnight at a Home Depot, don’t know if one night one of his coworkers loses it. Lastly, I am afraid for myself, because just walking down the street now is dangerous.

When was it okay to just go out and shoot people. The people in Washington seriously need to figure out what it is they are going to do about the gun laws. I am getting fucking pissed off with all of these people dying for no reason at all because we have gun laws that do not govern who and who should not be allowed to carry a gun. Get with the program Congress!

As Maya Angelou would always say: