Being with Family

Well being around your family can have a positive effect or a negative effect. But, being with my family is a no brainer, especially when all of us younger generation see each other, its as if nothing changed, we go down memory lane and try so many ways to be near each other as best as we can. But, every one of us knows it can be difficult because we have our own lives to live.

Hopefully, that will be different by next year. When we will have our first family reunion; because we can’t keep seeing the family only during weddings and funerals. That is just bad, and the crazy thing is it will be hella hard to get everyone together since I practically have about 20-25 cousins and about half of them have families of their own. So it’s going to be a lot of money, from the older crowd to us young crowd, to the next generation of our bloodline.

Knowing my family the elders of the family always find a way to make things work. So just gonna wait for the trip whether its in Florida or New Orleans.

Us younger ones rather New Orleans since one of my older cousin lives there and he’ll know all the hot spots.

So we can get lit!!!!!!!

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”


-Anthony Brandt