Pure Savage

What is Pure Savage? Well, Pure Savage is someone who uses their savage nature to put those who are wrong in their place. A person who is so good at what they do, they can only be categorized as Pure Savage. A person who is so good at being shady, that they are titled Pure Savage. A person who dominates and takes control of all that comes their way. There are few and then there are many who wishes to be a Pure Savage, but they do not have the delicate touch of such talents. You have those who are Pure Savages in sports, comedy, acting, music, everyday life, etc…

For Example, Lebron James is a Pure Savage when it comes to dominating his opponents.

Adele coming into the industry and winning Grammy’s for almost all of her albums.

Who is better than a Pure Savage person; no one! If you dominate and in charge of what you do and are great at it, why not be considered a Pure Savage.